ZAPAZ is a brand driven by a passion for handcraft, a fascination with the transformative power of fire, admiration for ornaments as a form of self-expression, and a belief in the power of crystals, nature, and amulets.

Currently based in Berlin, it was created in Chile by Constanza Paz, who handcrafts each piece with dedication and love. We bring you meaningful, slowly-made, high-quality jewelry made from silver, gold, and natural stones.


Our goal is to make every-body and every gender feel welcome and help you find that special piece of jewelry that brings you joy, beauty, and a sense of uniqueness (because you are!).

Discover jewelry that allows you to express yourself, whether through statement pieces, minimal lines and beautiful, powerful amulets.


Feel free to reach out and ask any questions or request customized features for your jewelry.

Thank you for visiting ZAPAZ. We are honored to be a part of your jewelry story and look forward to seeing you again.

With love, Constanza Paz

ZAPAZ Jewelry