Tiger Eye Properties

Protective stone.

Clarifies your mind and intentions: Acknowledge your talents, abilities and faults to overcome.

Differentiates ruminating thoughts from those that are really necessary.

Psychologically: Helps with personality and mind disorders, to gather dispersed information in a coherent way, to resolve conflicts based on pride and obstinacy.

It helps with problems of self-esteem, self-criticism and creative blocks.

Brings out your integrity and the right use of power.

Addictions: It helps you grounding to overcome them.

Balances yin and yang energies, eases depression and improves mood.

Psychic abilities are enhances when placed over the third eye, balances the lower chakras, stimulating the rise of Kundalini energy.

Placed on the navel chakra helps to commit. Facilitates the manifestation of will.

Physical: Helps in eye problems, throat, reproductive organs and broken bones.


Golden color: Helps to act from a more rational place.

 Red color: Overcomes lethargy, gives motivation and increases sexual desire when it is low.

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