Pyrite Properties

Energetic shield by excellence, it protects you from negative energies, 

Stimulates the flow of ideas, facilitates contact with your abilities and potentials.

Improves memory and remembrance.

Increases your energy! Helps you overcome inertia and feelings of inadequacy, melancholy and sadness.

Strengthens self-esteem and confidence, helps you overcome inferiority complexes, relieves anxiety and frustration.

Diplomatic; helps you to see beyond facades and to dialogue calmly and assertively.

Protects from energetic leaks of the physical body and aura.


Strengthens the circulatory system, increases oxygen in blood and blood flow to the brain.


*If you are an overly frontal person, you tend to speak impulsively without thinking through first, use it in moderation as it can exalt such qualities.


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