Obsidian Properties

Strong protective, generates a shield against negativity of the environment and strengthens us in times of need.

Helps highly sensitive people, blocks negative psychic and energetic attacks.

Emotional depth and clarity, strength and compassion.

Rooting cord from the base chakra to the center of the Earth. Anchors the spirit to the body.

Vitalizes the soul's purpose: Helps to make peaces with your shadow and achieve spiritual integrity. Encourages you to explore the unknown and grow in the process. Enhances truth and reflection. Shows us how to improve destructive situations.

Brings mental clarity, relieves confusion, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, expands your consciousness to move forward with confidence and fluidity.

Powerful transmuting: Of cathartic qualities. Deep soul healing.

Helps us to identify our failures, weaknesses and blockages. Uninstalls patterns that no longer work for us. Helps to heal emotions or traumas, even from past lives, that we drag to the present.

Having it next to the bed or under the pillow removes stress and tensions, but at the same time can bring to the surface their origin to face them and heal the root of the problem, not in a palliative way.


* If it is your first Power Stone, incorporate it little by little, as it can be intense.



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