Cornelian pendulum

Great stabilizer: Grounds you in reality and present, restores vitality and motivation. Gives determination to define what moves you in life.

Physical: Heals female reproductive organs, menstrual cycles and fertility, overcomes frigidity and impotence, lower back problems, arthritis, neuralgia and depression.

Active and positive: Promotes love for life, strengthens self-confidence and gives you courage. Combats laziness, invigorates body and mind.  Encourages positive choices, dissipates apathy and promotes business success.

Clear Mind: Sharpens perception, concentration, analytical abilities and dissipates mental lethargy.

Removes erratic thoughts during meditation.

Protective: against envy, anger, resentment, yours or others, calms anger and dissipates emotional negativity. Helps to overcome abuse of any kind.

It stimulates metabolism, regulates body fluids and kidneys., improves nutrient absorption and ensures good blood supply to organs and tissues.

In final years of life is an excellent companion: It helps to accept the cycle of life and cope with fear of death. In ancient times it was used to protect the dead on their journey to afterlife.

Can energetically cleanse other stones.


Energetic intention:

Ex: "Carnelian, help me to be more present and find my path", "Help me to heal and synchronize with my menstrual cycle", etc.

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